I have decided it is time to ‘expose’ myself once again.  Allow you to enter my mind, Our experiences and join Us as we head off on more adventures.  Please be kind, please be patient as I start to open my mind and allow my fingers to dance across the keyboard as preparations are being made for the creation of my new Baby.


As possible identities, pseudonyms, characters and options whirl through my mind I have decided that simplicity and familiarity are required.
TravelBugz was born on Facebook as our travel pictures were uploaded and then posted. I decided that I would consider my freinds, family and stalkers and save them from being inundated with happy pictures of food, sights, faces, experiences that they are not really interested in and follow our exploits through a page. (I have been considering this option for a while. After chatting with friends, my Man and finally working out how to set it up- we have lift-off).
I have decided that I also need to verbalize these expreiences for our more literate friends (those who are silly enough to click on a link and follow me and cannot find the ‘unfollow’ button) and to help our family and friends who are tired of my continuous natter about our adventures and hearing me repeat the same storeies over and over. Now it is just here- on my blog. (Ok I will still regail you with all of our adventures in person too ).

I have decided that my past blog was too much of a mouthful to search for in various mediums – hence a new creation has been born. I will miss musingsofamiddleagedmind. But looking at this alphabetic name, I believe a short, easy, no nonsence name is easier to remember.

You want the truth?

I have forgotten my password, user name and all other forms of entry into my past site. YES I wrote it all down, I had it numbered, aphabetized, color-coded and put in a safe place. Problem-I cannot remember where the safe place is. I have pulled out drawers, looked inside books, searched through emails, looked behind pictures, even looked inside the pockets of my leather coat.


So now travelbugz01- the Blog has been born.

We also have THE ADVENTURE of a Lifetime on the horizon- so I am getting ready.

With the prospect of writing a new blog, I decided that I needed a new machine to pound out my thoughts on and share with those Innocents who unwittingly open a link and follow me through my mind.
Obviously a sane person would buy something that they are familiar with. Introduce themselves to an ‘old friend’ or a relative model.
Alas- I am not sane.

We looked at buying an Apple Mini (no idea what the rest of the letters and numbers are) as I own an iPhone and have been playing on an iPad for a number of years now, or maybe another alternative is purchasing something that has a ‘windows’ foundation being from the ‘old school’ where I learnt all of my computing skills on a Windows foundation, even looking at something called a Hyundai . . . (more of a car than a social media form), I decided to purchase  Samsung Galaxy.

As I sit here, playing with a new Tab thingy, trying to become  familiar with ‘pings’, flashing pop-ups, sliding windows, odd looking pictures across the top of my screen,  I am left to wonder what was I thinking??

Yes it is smaller and lighter and is Gold. Yes is is currently perched on a wireless keyboard and I am having a ball typing, the pings are driving me insane. I am going to be asking My man alot of questions about various things and I know he will quietly ‘need to head out for a while’ as again I start to mumble and panic as something else has disappeared and something bright is flashing.

So as I sit on the 20th floor, of the second tower in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the movie Fast and Furious is playing on the Tv, my Man is resting on the couch, I can feel the stirrings of my creative expression starting to form. My palms start to sweat, a cup of green tea is steaming on my left, an old pair of glasses are perched on my nose (and yes I have lost another of the 5 pairs I have – again) nerves, possibilities, future blogs, sharing Our adventures, catching up with Old friends, meeting New friends, sharing experiences in person and through social media is starting to begin.

So bare with me as I only have 4 weeks to get control of this, understand this new blog site and get ready as-

The Isle of Man- The amazing TT Motorcycle race is on its way.

4 Weeks away!

I have only 4 weeks to get prepared for one of the greatest adventures of my life.

Travel plans and preparations have begun, emails are starting to fly amongst all of the people involved, holidays have been blocked out on work calendars, workout programs are being looked up, diets are being assessed as I am nervously trying to pull on my bike pants so I can perch on the back of a motorcycle and take part in one of the greatest experiences known to man. 

So join me/us as this baby Blog starts to grow.