Pannier bags precariously positioned on the bike
large rolled bag sitting across the top of the bags
a square inch left for my ‘Nanny-ass’ to sit, back-pack tightened and tied onto my back, leaning forward as there is no way I can sit upright, helmet steaming up as nerves kick in and feet cling tightly to the foot pegs.
Slowly repacking the bags as I re-assess whether I have enough gear for the two of us for the next nine days.  Do we need this, must we have that, can we do without this, should I take that.

Bags packed.

Worry setting in- have I packed enough clothes, have I packed the right weather gear, did I pack enough socks???  Oh my.

Anticipation and excitement building as the time is drawing closer to head off to Liverpool

Loaded up and off we head to ____ place.  I wonder what new toys he has purchased since last year?
With guarded expectation, we enter his private sanctuary where a magneficent red 458 Ferrari sat,
Carbon ceramic brakes Brembo claipers that take up half of the wheel
engine in the back with the boot in the front
wrapped in the equivalent of a lambswool blanket on heated carpet squares
white leather carbon fibre seats
replaced the number plate mount as it took up too much of the front bumper, from the stock standard
Cannot sit in it
white clothes only, no buckles, no studs
changes the wheels when he takes it out to drive to show it, then at the show he will put the wheels back on
cannot breathe inside unless you have cleaned your teeth and eaten a mint.
Do not touch the car without wearing kid gloves and even then there is only a tiny patch where it is allowed
Two people only are allowed inside as children will never be allowed anywhere near it
No food or drink allowed in the shed
This was later to have the mickey taken out of him as he is presented with white seamless jeans, no studs, no stitching,
wifey is not to place her bag on any seat, must be placed between her feet on the floor
This is one of the most pristine males i have ever met
He heads out into the woods on a full moon to chant and dance to the god of grott to leave his presence, his ride on mower is pristine with a coup,e of blades of grass clinging precariously to the wheels hoping not to be detected
Sarah is perfect and the other half of him-not a hair out of place, straight beautiful shiny hair, glowing skin-certainly not someone u want to meet after 9 days at sugarlands on the back of a bike
Gleaming leathers which glow like a beacon,
Pristine garden blanket
Everything just glows and is so clean u could eat off it